December 8, 2015
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Reverse chronological listing of instances of cronyism, corruption, or hypocrisy on the part of Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards:




JBE and his Contractor Board appointees have to be shamed into hiring a renouned construction-law attorney, Kevin Landreneau, rather than their preferred choice:  convicted felon Larry S. Bankston.




Ronnie Jones, JBE's Chairman of the Louisiana Gaming Commission, states that "Gov. Edwards' office had told whistleblower Cathy Derbonne (former LSPC Executive Director) to "shut the f--- up!"




FBI probe of JBE's Choice for LSP Col. (whom he was warned would blow up in his face) Mike Edmonson improprieties continues.





JBE's LSPC appointees continue to punt on suing the head of his Super PAC, T. Taylor Townsend, whom they hired to investigate illegal campaign contributions into his campaign account in 2015 but who steadfastly refuses to issue a written report on his findings, for which he was paid $75,000 to conduct.





JBE's Chief of Staff, Johnny Anderson, resigns in disgrace amid allegations of sexual harrassment after JBE ignored those propensities when Anderson was Chairman of the Southern University Board of Supervisors.





JBE and his staffers go into damage-control mode as some of his high-ranking officials at his Department of Corrections are recorded indicating they'll destroy records and "make it (sexual harassment claims) all go away" if Dr. Raman Singh will simply resign (he was fired and subsequently filed suit).




JBE's LSPC appointees vote to re-open its investigation into illegal campaign contributions into JBE's 2015 campaign for governor.  [NOTE:  Feature also contains links for all six features of Fox8's Lee Zurik on his special investigative report on rampant abuses in LSP's LACE program.]





JBE Auction Board appointee Darlene Jacobs-Levy "stands by every word" of damning email she sent State Sen. J. P. Morrell seeking the ouster of Rev. Freddie Phillips, Louisiana's first and only African American auctioneer, in order that she could take his board seat (JBE complied and ousted Phillips from the Auction Board on 5/5/16 after having appointed him on 4/20/16).





After totally imploding in an LSP "wrongful death" lawsuit, JBE Auction Board appointee Darlene Jacobs-Levy takes her anger out at Sound Off Louisiana for publicizing her implosion by threatening to shut down Rev. Freddie Phillips' (whom she covertly ousted from the Board to claim his seat) auction school because it offers online content (when the school license was approved, she asked if the school would have online classes and, when Rev. Phillips responded in the affirmative, she sounded quite pleased -- but that was BEFORE the exposure of her courtroom implosion!!!)






Yet another JBE appointee, Monica Manzella, is shamed into resignation after incriminating photos and video of her exiting the Movie Tavern in Baton Rouge and soon thereafter checking into the Watermark Hotel in Baton Rouge are published (see 8/10/17 entry below).






JBE appointee to the Louisiana State Police Commission, Vice Chairman Monica Manzella, checks into hotel with Chairman T. J. Doss hours after an LSPC meeting, the revelation of which led to Doss's resignation within 14 hours of the hotel check-in.




Sound Off Louisiana provides a compilation of absolutely horrendous "optics" regarding JBE's handling of matters entailing members of the black community.





Fox 8's Lee Zurik exposes JBE's inaction FOR OVER A YEAR entailing rank corruption on the Louisiana State Police Commission with the perpetrator of that corruption, Calvin Braxton, being shamed into resignation over Zurik's revelations.




Soon after U. S. Rep. Garret Graves (R-LA) places the blame SQUARELY on  JBE for the fact that no flood relief contract is in place, JBE is forced to relent, do the RIGHT thing, and acknowledge IEM, which had resoundingly beat the price of other bidders (2nd place bidder was $65 million higher), as the award winner on the flood relief contract, thereby effectively reversing the roadblock convicted felon Larry S. Bankston erected in a misguided attempt to steer the contract to a firm employing his son.




U. S. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) interrogates JBE entailing convicted felon Larry S. Bankston's role  in the cancellation of a Federal flood relief contract for Louisiana flood victims, including exposing his role to try and steer the contract to a firm employing his son.





JBE's close friend, convicted felon Larry S. Bankston, is profiled entailing INCREDIBLE quotes made during FBI wire taps as a demonstration of his character in light of him having committed a serious ethical violation on the Louisiana State Board of Contractors (see link at bottom of profile article).




The political baggage of LSP Col. Mike Edmondson FINALLY becomes too much for JBE to bear, so Edmonson, despite saying less than four days earlier that, "I will not resign," suddenly retires.    [Companion Advocate article].  [Note:  Interestingly enough, the blogger who stayed focused on Edmonson since a sly conspiracy among LSP higher-ups sought to boost Col. Edmonson's retirement pay in July of 2014 by $55,000/year, Tom Aswell, also provided irrefutable evidence that SOMEBODY (either Edmonson or Edwards) point-blank lied].  [Note:  JBEfraud was launched by warning JBE on 12/8/15 -- a full month before he was sworn into office and just before his pending reappointment of Edmonson -- that he was placing himself "between a rock and a hard place" in re-appointing Edmonson!  Simply view the first two minutes of the video on our very first entry's page.]





The blogger who has held JBE's feet to the fire on being held accountable for LSP Colonel Mike Edmonson's actions, Tom Aswell, reportedly receives numerous threats of retaliation for his efforts apparently resulting in Edmonson's undoing.




Highly-credible reports surface that JBE is set to terminate the services of Louisiana State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson



JBE's revolving door of LSPC Commissioners continues as Commissioner Donald Breaux resigns soon after the previous day's meeting.





FBI serves 18 members of the Louisiana State Trooper's Association with subpoenas entailing illegal money laundering into JBE's campaign (and other elected officials) for which JBE's hand-picked investigator, T. Taylor Townsend (who also heads JBE's Super PAC), felt was so insignificant that no written report of his findings was even necessary.    [Companion Advocate Article].





Four high-ranking members of LSP Col. Mike Edmonson's inner circle under investigation for extravagant travel to Las Vegas and improperly charging overtime for same.






JBE's Louisiana STATE POLICE Commission appointee, Jared Caruso-Riecke, openly brags on video of his radar detection technology and bets $50,000 on a race car team racing across the nation's highways in which they brag of going 141 mph over a 500-mile stretch and having 10 license plates to switch out when and if law enforcement calls out the one they're driving over a police scanner.





JBE point-blank lies to the face of Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips, Louisiana's FIRST & ONLY African American auctioneer.  [Proof submitted as part of the celebration of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday].





JBE, operating through his crony LSP Col. Mike Edmonson, and the cronies he placed on the Louisiana State Police Commission, strong-arm its Executive Director, Cathy Derbonne, into resigning over her reporting illegal campaign contributions to the Louisiana State Board of Ethics.   [Companion Advocate article.]





Federal Judge Shelly Dick (Middle District of Louisiana) issues scathing ruling against JBE Auction Board appointee Jeff Henderson and his father, Marvin, entailing allegations of fraud.





First Guaranty Bank of Hammond, Louisiana, asserts that JBE Auction Board appointee Jeff Henderson incurs nearly $1 million in losses entailing alleged fraudulent wire transfers due to his OWN "negligence, inattention, and/or lack of supervision and management."




FBI raids JBE's brother's office (Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office), seizing Daniel Edwards' computer and declaring the entire office a "crime scene."    [Follow-up "pay-for-play" article].  [Follow-up article by Louisiana's smartest nutria rodent reporter, Oscar!!].





JBE's embattled Head of Wildlife and Fisheries, Charlie Melancon (see 9/10/16 entry below), forced to resign in disgrace.  





JBE's Auction Licensing Board appointees say "hands tied" entailing illegal notary acts by convicted felon auctioneer Marvin Henderson (and tacit approval of those illegal notary acts by LALB Member -- and Henderson Auctions President -- Jeff Henderson, Marvin's son).




Edwards shamed into seeking resignation of Louisiana Tax Commission appointee upon it being publicized that he'd not paid his property taxes for 30 years!





Rollout of LAContractorBoard after JBE recommends convicted felon Larry Bankston as attorney for that board. 





Another of JBE's long-time political buddies, former U. S. Congressman Charlie Melancon, wastes no time reportedly having the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries under investigation by numerous law-enforcement agencies.




Despite REPEATED assurances he wouldn't pay his lieutenants the "exorbitant" salaries Jindal did, JBE facilitates 32% pay raise for LSP Colonel Mike Edmonson and his cronies.     [Companion Advocate article.]





JBE takes a page from disgraced former Louisiana AG, James D. "Buddy" Caldwell, and implements his own "buddy system" for hiring lawyers with a sly maneuver to permit them to be compensated on a contingency basis.





JBE goes OUT OF HIS WAY to do an end-around regarding OBVIOUS conflicts in hiring Jim Garner, strong Vitter supporter, to pursue state claims against the oil and gas industry in Louisiana.





JBE awards lucrative Superdome contract to the wife of Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand, himself reportedly under investigation by the FBI. [CLICK HERE for FBI investigation of Normand Advocate article.]







JBE recommends convicted felon and long-time close friend, Larry Bankston, as attorney for Louisiana Contractor Board 




JBE reappoints Jindal's Auctioneer Licensing Board members with extensive past history of racism and racial profiling.   




JBE blatantly lies and FALSELY (see 1/15/17 entry above) attributes his rescission of Rev. Freedie Lee Phillips' LALB appointment, who is the first and only African American auctioneer in Louisiana's history, as resulting from an "over-commitment."





Bowing to extensive pressure from the most racist element of Louisiana's auction profession, JBE, only 15 days after he appoints him, rescinds his appointment of Louisiana's first and ONLY African American auctioneer to the Louisiana Auctioneer Licensing Board. 




JBE has close friend Taylor Townsend conduct an "investigation" into the illegal funneling of Louisiana State Police Commission dues to political campaigns via Executive Director David Young.     [Companion Advocate article.]




JBE's Commission of Administration, Jay Dardenne, openly confronted on the estimated $615,000 increase in the State Employees' Unfunded Accrued Liability which resulted from JBE's appointment of him.     [CLICK HERE for original post of UAL impact of JBE's Dardenne appointment.]





Reappointment of Mike Edmonson as LSP Colonel.



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